Our field trip

Our field trip

On Friday, 9th June, 2023, we went on a field trip with our class to visit Mareike, one of our classmates, whose father is a beekeeper.

In the morning we met at the car park next to the ferry. When we were all there, we took the ferry to the other side of the river Saale. From there we walked to Zörnitz, the village where Mareike lives. The whole class walked along a forest path and field tracks. The grass next to the paths was very high and there were lots of nettles. When we were at Mareike’s house, her father told and showed us a lot about bees.

First, he showed us where the bees live, then we went to the garden. There was an empty beehive with honey in the honeycombs. After that we put the honeycombs into a separator. This machine separates the honey from the honeycombs. Later we filled the honey into jars. This is how honey is made.

When we had learnt all that about bees, we went to see the sheep. Then we walked back to Wettin and everyone had an ice cream.

I liked this trip because I had fun with my classmates and I have learnt a lot about bees.

by Fynn, class 7/1